About Us

At HW Products, we’ve been leading the way with quality musical instrument accessories since 1975, when our founder George Koregelos invented the original HW Pad-Saver(r). Not only did the Pad-Saver (previously known as the “Shove-It”) forever change the way woodwind players cleaned moisture and debris from their instruments, it gained such popularity it was featured in the legendary television game show “The All New Liar’s Club,” (you can watch a clip here), as well as making an appearance in the movie “Byrd.” In 2000, we added the HW Brass-Saver(r) to our line, giving brass players a safe and effective way to clean the inside of their horns.

George Koregelos (1925-2012), Founder of HW Products

George opened House of Woodwinds in Oakland, California in 1960. In a few short years, his talent as an instrument repair technician was attracting world-renown performers such as Jean-Pierre Rampal, James Galway, Robert Stolzman, Stan Getz, Lew Tabackin, and Lenny Pickett, to name just a few. From 1980-1995, he produced top-of-the-line hand crafted flutes in gold and silver. These instruments are now sought after by serious players and collectors. Through the years, he saw the need for a better method of cleaning and protecting woodwind and brass instruments which led to the development of the HW Pad-Saver and the HW Brass-Saver. Outside of the music industry, George developed products for the auto, aerospace, pharmaceutical, food processing industries. To hear more about George’s days making hand-crafted flutes, listen to this interview at http://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/george-koregelos.

Angela Koregelos, President

Began working at HW Products in 1991. She came to the business after many years as a professional flutist, studying in Paris, performing with the Oakland Symphony and San Francisco Opera, and participating in numerous recording projects for television and film. Having grown up in her father’s music store, she never lost her interest in the business side of the industry, and she now enjoys the unlimited creative opportunities of running the company. To hear some of Angela’s flute music, visit www.fluteladyrecords.com.

Liz Schaefer, Creative Director

Liz joined HW Products in 2007. She has a background in art and holds a BA in Fine Arts from the University of California at Berkeley. In addition to working at HW Products, she is the founder of her own design company where she manages the creation and production of various projects including custom invitations and announcements, soft furnishings, home decor accessories and silver jewelry. No stranger to the world of music, Liz studied viola, flute, and piano before becoming an art major, and she enjoys the opportunity to combine her varied interests and talents at HW Products.

Jim Klingler

During a 25 year career in the retail/wholesale grocery industry, he learned the critically important rules of inventory control, purchasing, marketing, sales and, most importantly, customer service. Adapting these portable skills to the music industry, he joined American Way Marketing and helped grow their customer base, assisting in new product development and growing the distribution portion of the business as well as expanding the options for custom branding and packaging. Now as Direct Sales Manager with HW Products, he is excited to discuss the features and benefits of our products in cleaning brass and woodwind instruments with as many dealers and players as possible.


Head of Security, began working for HW Products in 2008. She has extensive experience in reception area security, alarm systems, and perimeter protection. When not on duty she enjoys walks, naps, and snacks.