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HW Pad-Saver

How does the HW Pad-Saver work?
It works the same way athletic clothing works. Special HW micro-fibers pull saliva away from any surface they touch, allowing it to dry on the HW Pad-Saver rather than on the instrument.
Why do I need to clean the inside of my horn?
Every time you blow into a wind instrument, saliva gets inside. (Some people think it’s just condensation, but trust us, it’s spit!) Saliva is corrosive, and over time, it will eat away at the bore, tone holes, and pads. In addition, spit is full of germs that collect inside your horn. Every time you take a breath with the mouthpiece near your face, you risk inhaling whatever is growing in there. Yuck! You really need to clean your horn every time you play. (To read more about the various bacteria and molds that have been found growing inside of woodwind and brass instruments, click on the links at the bottom of the page.)
Can I leave my HW Pad-Saver in my horn when I’m not playing?
Absolutely! This is how the HW Pad-Saver was designed to work, and this is how it works best. However, we understand that some musicians simply don’t want to leave anything inside their instruments, in which case we recommend using it as an efficient swab that won’t shed, bleed, or get stuck.
Can I wash my HW Pad-Saver?
Yes. Simply hand wash it with mild dish soap, rinse well, and let it air dry. You can wash your HW Pad-Saver as often as you think it needs it. And be sure to replace it once a year.

HW Brass-Saver

How does the HW Brass-Saver work?
You pull the flexible brush through the lead pipe and slides of your horn to easily mop out saliva and particles left from blowing. The stick brush is for cleaning the valve casings.
How is the HW Brass-Saver different from a traditional snake?
It’s safer to use than a traditional snake because there is no metal to scratch the inside of your horn. It slides through the tubing easily and without shedding, removing more moisture than the snake. The HW Brass-Saver stands up to the chemicals used in the “bath” used by repair technicians, making it a favorite tool in the repair shop.
Will the HW Brass-Saver rid my horn of that hard green build up?
The HW Brass-Saver will keep a clean horn very clean and playing consistently. It will not, however, remove the hardened deposits that are already there. The only way to get that build up out is through a professional cleaning.
Can I wash my HW Brass-Saver?
Yes. Simply hand wash it with mild dish soap, rinse well, and let it air dry. You can wash it as often as you like. And remember to replace it yearly.


“I just bought an HW Pad-Saver/HW Brass-Saver and I can’t figure out how to use it. Can you help?”
Definitely. You can click here to see a video on how to use your Pad-Saver in a saxophone. You can click here for a video about using your Brass-Saver in a trumpet. And these are some instructions on how to give clean your trumpet a deep clean in the bath.
“Is it really that important to clean the inside of my instrument?”
Yes. Recent research has shown that various bacteria and molds often grow inside of woodwind and brass instruments. For more information, read these articles: LA Times Article – March 2011, “Microbial Contamination of Wind Instruments.” International Journal of Environmental Health Research – May 2011, NPR – All Things Considered – September 2010