What people are saying


WYCLIFFE GORDON "I am enjoying the products that you sent for instrument care. They are some of the best I've used."





MARIACHI DIVAS "Thank you for your amazing products!"





KEN SAUL, ULTRA-PURE OILS "The bent tubing of brass instruments is not easy to clean with standard wire or plastic snakes. Only the HW Brass-Saver pull-through can get all the way around the tightest curves and clean the places other snakes couldn't reach. I highly recommend it!"





LEW TABACKIN "I've been using the Pad-Saver (formerly known as the Shove-it) for many years now. It has become an essential  piece of equipment."     




LENARD LONDON  "I purchased an alto saxophone made in 1995 and I found YOUR PRODUCTS throughout the horn.  The horn is in MINT PLAYING CONDITION!!!!  I'm convinced that it was due to your products!!!  It made me a BELIEVER!!  I threw ALL of my other products away & placed an order to outfit all of my horns with YOUR products."



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